Hi! First of all, thank you for visiting my page – I hope you find inspiring things here. My name is Ana Tevšić Nauković, a graduated product designer with special interests in illustration, branding and photography. I am also a new mommy and I share my home with my husband, three small & wonderful kids and two funny dogs.

Ana Tevšić Nauković

–Love, Ana. is the name of my design studio – a place where I display all of my products and custom orders. My studio is located in Dežmanov prolaz 4 in the center of Zagreb. You can find me there working on a new project, holding workshops or having a photoshoot. For those of you who want to visit me in the studio – please book an appointment (which is conveniently separated into different groups based on what interests you and what you want to meet me about).

Ana Tevšić Nauković

All That’s New is a visual board of my work; a look into what I am working on and what inspires me. In short – it is ME; an acronym of my letters ATN which stand for both my name and everything that I create.

visual board

I have designed some wonderful products for Supermame, Cartoon Network, Medvedgrad brewery, HAGA Paris, Becks – to name a few. All of my products are available for purchase in my studio and HERE. My latest projects are all presented in my visual board and through my Instagram profile; so feel free to have a look at some of the things I created.

I am open to collaborations and I am always looking for products with great design; so if you have similar interests – contact me here for further information. I am looking forward to all that’s new!

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  1. Željka Šafran says on October 9, 2020

    Draga Ana,
    Već dugo Vas pratim i zaista se divim i proizvodima, stranici i profilu😍 ja sam Željka i pokrenula dam modni brend Minami namijenjen djevojčicama 2-10 godina. Pa tko zna možda ćemo u nekoj budućnosti ostvariti neku kreativnu suradnju.
    Do tada puno sreće u daljnjem radu❤️

    • Ana Tevsic Naukovic says on October 11, 2020

      Draga Željka,

      hvala vam na javljanju i lijepom komentaru – svakako se nadam da će biti prilike za suradnju! 🙂 Do tada sve najbolje i vama u daljnjem radu te ugodan dan,

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