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This Mother’s Day, my dear friends from SUPERMAME asked me to share shameful questions or comments I had to answer about being a mother. Although I could always name a few, by far the favorite one I had was:

A third child? Why? Don’t you want to have a life of your own?

Mom shaming is very common here: women like to shame you to show they are better mothers / workers or both. And men like to shame you to prove a point that we are all meant to be housewives anyway. (*please note that I have nothing against housewives, the comment refers to the general conclusion that a woman simply cannot be both a mother and a career-driven woman).

When I got married, people immediately started asking us when will you have a baby? Then after we had our baby girl, everyone immediately turned to you are going for two, right? But when we announced having a third baby – it was mostly why? Don’t you want to live a little?

So, what we can conclude from my example is that having one baby is mandatory; having two is the general norm; but having three must mean you are out of your mind. To read more about this and other crazy stories, questions and comments mothers around you have to deal with on a daily basis – please read the full article about it HERE.

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