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This has been a full-on project; from the initial branding to product packaging to web design. What I am specially thankful for is the opportunity and trust given to me by this wonderful family. Not only was I able to do this entirely as planned; but I also had enough time to really dive into botanics and encyclopedia research which was necessary for the development of the main illustration of the chokeberry tree.

What I learned during this project is that the chokeberry tree is wonderful and inspiring throughout the entire year; it develops from the dark green leaf with berries to colorful red leaves, ending its transformation to tiny white flowers – and each stage is so special and unique.

The main idea of my Aronija concept is that this product is the perfect bio product; being naturally healing, full of antioxidants, growing up on a mountain and covered with fresh air.

It is basically all you want in a natural juice. So what I wanted to emphasise is exactly that: through the combination of apothecary-style typography, to a botanical-type illustration, with a combination of light beige and dark purple to get the perfect combination of fresh and juicy feel.

So, the branding is presented through a series of animated book spreads which tell the story of Aronija. The visual identity is slowly growing through the many phases of sketch development; while the entire project is revealed at the main product presentation at my studio.

With three different juice bottles, a powder pouch and a tea pouch – the chokeberry collection is done and ready to find a way into your homes and daily routines!

With a few extra surprises down the road, Aronija is complete with the launch of its elegant and minimal website:

Main concept, branding, web and package design: Ana Tevšić Nauković
Animated book spreads: Dario Dević
Web: Josip Mesarić / Untitled studio

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