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One of my special October projects is branding for, a platform created for women entrepreneurs. Organised by women – for other women. Sounded like something I wanted to be a part of from the beginning. With the launch of new events, I was given this wonderful task to design the new brand look.

What I immediately imagined was a logo that is both firm and elegant, both strong and light – as all women are. So this elegant sans was my perfect match; as it high contrast letters give me exactly that mood. To compliment the main logo, I added a secondary font which has no contrast – with the main purpose of fitting in.

The second part of my assignment was determining the colours of the new brand. And what I decided on is a combination of four colours representing four elements which are important part of the main AURORA’s communication; light beige represents peace and community. Mustard yellow stands for growth and development. Light pink, being ideal for women and elegance, and last – but not the least, this earthy green representing novelty and innovation.

The new design launches on the platform through the main landing page, with which we are showing its new face. From now on, it will grow and develop, and take on its new form in full. And through the brush strokes that compliment each other and overlap; we are forming never-ending combinations, just as these new meetings and events will form in real life.

Aurora – a place for all business women. I am so proud to be a part of it, thank you for giving me the opportunity to design this important platform.

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