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I am happy to show you the Gift cards I designed for Babushka boutique which is about to open its doors in Zagreb. Filled with lots of cute items for your home, you can get one of these cards as a gift for a friend and let them choose what they want on their own. My idea was to have them present the brand colours, but also to show a detail we often combine with gifts in general – flowers.

So, the pink one – being the gentle one – is designed with a light breeze of dandelions.

The green one – being more specific – is combined with a soft touch of ginkgo leaves.

And the blue one – being the luxurious one – is combined with eucalyptus branches. All three work as unique gifts when separated, but also form a lovely flower-inspired collection when united. I sincerely hope that whoever gets one of these, will enjoy having them!

Client: Babushka Boutique
Design and illustration: Ana Tevšić Nauković
October, 2020.

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