Behind the scenes

Just a quick mood board from the studio:

Lots of natural light makes everything look better and the overall feeling of fresh and natural is always dominant here. I recently turned one of the walls into a huge canvas for irregular white shapes and it complimented the entire space even more.

I love flowers, but the selection on our markets is terrible. It was really hard to find these and I have set my mind to finding durable solutions in everything, including these decor details.

Lots of wooden products are present in my studio because I love working and creating warm atmosphere. These hangers have been out of stock for a long time and I am happy to see you have missed them as much as I have. Also, even though my space has always had white as the dominant colour – I started adding natural tones of beige, burgundy and brown to emphasise my love of all this natural. So the space now feels even more like home.

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