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I was lucky enough to work on this project; rebranding the logo for an architecture company called CIGLA arhitektura. For its 5th anniversary, the wonderful woman behind this firm wanted to give it a fresh and clean look.

My idea was to show the firm and versatile side of the architectural business through its new design. A side that is in its capital form, giving structure; and a side that is creative.

The typography offers a very unique sense of communication through the social networks; which are used in posts and promotional materials.

Several of the projects are additionally illustrated through a very rough sketch; offering the clients a view on how the idea looks at the beginning to how it is rendered in the end – which is what they get through the final project presentations. The idea was to give insight into the process and to give it validation. Each step is important to the process, as any architect will confirm.

The logo is used in two versions for best performance: a long version is used as the main one, while the short version is used for social media and signatures.

The business cards are printed on a very structural paper with embossed and glossy details; giving it the tactile feel it deserves.

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