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I am so happy to finally reveal a big project we have been working on for the past few months: GRANOLARAMA branding.

This included forming the main concept and graphic design,
as well as packaging design and visual merchandise.
The main idea was to present the main ingredients of each blend
through their abstract interpretations.
This also led to colour-coding each blend to match the colours of the inside.

GRANOLARAMA is now communicating handmade ingredients
and a healthy lifestyle: through photos, abstract forms
and recipes of their unique granola blends.

Gingerbread, No Grain and Cocoa Sea Salt are now
three distinctive blends that are unique, but also form a collection.
Their ingredients are used in all communications
as the key elements of Granolarama.

As far as web design goes, we aimed for a visual representation of all these elements. You can easily get around the page and find what you are looking for, while also enjoying the fun and quirky way this granola is presented. Our main guideline was to help you enjoy your breakfast planning
and early mornings; whether it is through the website or
through their social media – which we planned very carefully.

Design: Ana Tevšić Nauković
Client: Granolarama
Web: Untitled studio
Photography and digital content planning: Ana Tevšić Nauković

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