lift your home / office space with flowers.

Ever since our homes became our offices and vice versa, I have been giving some thought about how to easily implement details that could make the space feel more like outdoors. Those of us that do not have gardens or terraces (ps – lucky you, if you do!), we miss the little gifts from nature. And going out became a terrible chore – so dried flowers came to mind. What i could not find was a bouquet interesting enough to hold on to for a longer period of time. Which is when I discovered samonikla: girls who create wonderful dried flower arrangements. I ended up ordering a wreath and three bouquets, and this is what I decided to do with them:

I decided to go for a more autumn look: warm tones mixed with light and translucent flowers. My bouquets are a dried combination of light lunaria and grass, and a beautiful wreath on the side. Instead of hanging my wreath on the door, I decided to have it as a centerpiece of my working table. It serves as a nice background while I am working and it gives me freedom to move it around when I want to.

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