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Natural materials

Terrazzo Rug + wooden airplanes
Nossie clothing rack

As a product designer, I cannot help but look for designed toys and furniture. I have literally changed the appearance of the kids room at least twice a year so far, simply because I am learning as we go along. From which materials are best to use, wash and have around kids – to matching my color wishes to theirs. From having something simply decorative to furniture that is highly functional, I have learned so much in the past four years.

Pear basket + lots of books + cotton swaddles
Bucket Bag

Not to mention that I have three kids of different age, two of them boys and a girl. So matching all of our needs into a functional, but aesthetically pleasing room has been…well – challenging, to say the least.

wooden blocks + soft toys

I know it will change again as they grow. And I am looking forward to that change. But for now – we have a room where they all sleep and play, so we had to have some separate furniture and some it mutual. There is a space for playing and a place for reading. We have 3 corners of books for different ages – and for that I am STILL looking for the perfect shelf.

Letters + color + textural accents

What I can share with you so far is that natural materials + a combination of colors has proven to work best for me so far. It has helped me both divide and unite the space when I need it to. So, lots of wood, ratan, linen and cotton. Natural rugs, comfy blankets, linen spreads for playing. Wooden and soft toys, plus lots of books for reading and lots of space for drawing.

Constellation poster
Mobiles + playmats

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