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Our kids room is a forever-changing area. It is constantly growing and evolving as they grow, so I don’t think it will be finished for real any time soon. But what I love about it is that it’s both for a boy and a girl, which I achieved through the use of neutral tones in all the large areas such as walls, beds and chairs. The details are pastel orange and blue, which gives it this overall warm feeling and atmosphere.

I try to have wooden toys present, although I know all babies love bright colours and loud noises. This is better in general because wooden toys are durable, the tactile aspect of them is completely different and aesthetically they have always been more appealing to me. My favourites are the ones designed by Kids Concept, but we combine them with the ones from Ferm Living and Ikea as well. If you know any good toy stores I should know about – please let me know!

I used several products from my studio to complete the decoration of their room, one of which is the Constellation poster. These dark blue posters with stars are my go-to visuals. We have them tattooed, so THAT is how much I love them.

The Bucket Bag, pictured here in grey, is actually one of three that we have. One is for fluffy toys and the other two are for the worn clothes. It just helps me organise their stuff, I find it very helpful. The Cloud and Drop play mats are so good, I should start taking them outside as well. I had an idea recently with one of my best friends about how we should create a kid backpack, filled with essentials for trips outside. Whether it’s a lunch date, coffee break or a quick trip to the park. This would be a life saver, we have to do it!

This carpet just fit as if I ordered it especially for me. All the colours from the terrazzo pattern are exactly the same as the ones I used for the rest of the room. You can find this carpet and many other wonderful designs (lobster looks pretty great as well!) here.

I designed these clear resin names for the door to their room and they just look so clean and minimalistic. It is discrete, but once you lock your eyes on it – it is so appealing. Wish I could make one for every door in the house.

I added a clothing rack for each of them; one for her dresses and one for his shirts. I deliberately placed them opposite to the poster names, to avoid having “girl” and “boy” area. I want it to be shared as much as possible, so if this helps just a little bit – I am happy.

Star garlands are a must have for me. I know they are all over every kids room in the universe, but I just love having them. Some things just cannot be avoided, right? Also, as one of the final touches – I had all of our important dates cut out in resin and placed on the wall as details. Since they are placed under this giant clock, they seem like random number and dots – which is what I was going for. All in all – I am happy with how the kids room look at the moment and I am looking forward to all its future phases!

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