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I realise that, with the change of my website, some of you (especially those who are new here) might not have a clear idea of all the things that my creative work holds. You can always find the general information about me here where I explained the transition from a normal web shop to this platform. The main idea that guided me towards this change was that I am doing so much more than product design; which is really hard to do in Croatia. I didn’t have a production company behind me, so all of my products are funded and produced by me. Which has been a wonderful job, but at times simply too hard. This led me to other projects and interests, which I will explain below.

I am a designer with special interests in several fields. If you follow this platform or my social media accounts (facebook and Instagram), you can see that I share a diverse type of work. It can be divided into these categories: branding, illustration, digital + photo, custom design.

Branding is for anyone who needs graphic design; from doing a simple logo to full branding project. This can be from setting up a logo for your new hobby to bringing your business to a new level with a clear concept, mission and vision which is presented through your visual identity and all its applications. This usually consists of packaging design, stationery, socials and web design.

Illustration is something I am relatively new in, but I am basically doing it all the time now. From birthday illustrations to gift cards, implementations for branding and packaging design, to abstract forms for your wall art and my long-time present illustration of my window display.

Digital + photo is consisted of styling and photographing products for your own promotion. I rarely share photos I do for clients as these are their photos, but you can see the style I use for my own products on daily basis for my socials and this platform. Everything I do – I always do a mini photoshoot where I style it and document it. It is something that has grown into a daily habit, no matter the job. Most of the branding jobs include styling and documenting the brand new products we created, so my work for others can simply be tracked down through that.

Custom design includes projects such as custom product design or a custom designed t-shirt. This work has a wide range, from a single printed book that turned into a special anniversary gift to a set of custom printed posters for a client.

If you are curious to see more or would like to contact me for a project or collaboration, you can easily to that here.

–Love, Ana.

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