Looking for comfort

I am moving things around, as we are forced to look for a new home now. So in all this chaos, I am looking to find joy whenever I can. And styling things that are on my table seems to give me some comfort, so I am doing that for no reason at all. For this styling I used ceramic tags I crafted with my kids for fun during the holidays. A lovely, personal touch – which is what I always strive for.

I used my lunaria wreath, which I talked about in my earlier post here. The ceramic bowl is mine – I made it during my ceramics class. Doing things with my own hands is very therapeutic, it helps me find peace.

My favorite things to combine are always: a nice neutral background, something from nature (leaves, flowers or fruit), something handmade, organic forms and pattern.

For these photos I used:
ceramic tags and bowl – crafted by me and my kids
silk ribbon – Zara home
kraft paper label – Zara home
decorative stars – Zara home
dried lunaria wreath – samonikla

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