My favourite…

…things right now are mostly the things that help you enjoy the comfort of your home. Since I had spent most of February at home with the kids, I collected some books and tried a few creams.

These books are slowly becoming my collectors item. I stumbled upon them while looking for presents and then ended up buying a stack of them at first glance. The entire collection is illustrated by the same artist and I love this style so much! Cannot wait to have them all. You can find them here.

This comfy corner is filled with wall illustrations from New Yorker covers, which we bought during out trip to New York a few years back. Now I added the wonderful books mentioned above and the Shroom side table from my studio.

One of my favourite outfits that are waiting for spring. I took a chance on these shoes by ordering them online from Jonak Paris and never regretted it. They are comfortable and this colour is everything. The dress is from Tradate, my all-time favourite store in Zagreb.

Last, but not least – this Green Tea Honey Drops Body Cream. I wanted it for so long, never bought it before now. I am still trying it on, but it smells wonderful and my skin is loving it!

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