This was one of our biggest projects this year. When I first met Martina and Sonja, the founders of SUPERMAME site – I immediately imagined them as how they are now presented through the rebranding.

I imagined them in colours that are both opposite and a perfect match; light rose and bright red. Martina – being so gentle and polite, and Sonja – being so passionate and warm, turned out to be the best representatives of those colours.

Combining them with a strong, serif font is what I wanted to communicate – that these are two equal women; founders of a site that provides information, inspires and educates other women.

The overall aim of this new design is to provide them with a more serious feel while holding on to the original idea of them being women who are here for other women.

Concept & design: Ana Tevšić Nauković
Graphics: Dario Dević
Web: Josip Mesarić / Untitled studio

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