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This is something I have been using for a long time now, as it helps me organise. I need “to see” it in order to memorise it. My Monday morning usually starts with a list for the week, where I write down all my appointments, meetings and chores.

I always have notes and sketches papers with me, as I use them all the time. These are filled with inspiration I found, ideas in the making and general planning (like my Christmas shopping list at the moment).

There is an extra paper for a single day, and that is the one that has my day filled out in detail. From grocery list, hair appointments, meetings and project deadlines.

For all those assignments that I have not finished today, I add them to my list for tomorrow and then make them a priority – as otherwise this list only piles up.

The one I use as a general monthly guideline is called top priority; this is my work list that has deadlines, pitches and notes on styling. But all in all – I use them on a daily basis, and they have helped me plan and love my workflow.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes to plan ahead and organise. The set contains 6 paper designs x 10: ideas&sketches, top priority, notes, weekly planner, daily planner and some other time. So in total you have 60 pages, 10 times each page in a A5 format (ideal for your carry on bag). You can order them here or shop them directly at my studio.

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