This is definitely one of my favorite projects in general. Not only did it perform perfectly, it is for a store that unites tradition with modern creativity and not to mention a wonderful woman that stands behind it.

tradate is a store known for its tailor-made fashion items. We had the pleasure of rebranding it; to provide a modern appeal while keeping tradition in its core. This led to a scripted font combined with a playful thread which changes in each application.

Basic applications include business cards, tote bags and labels. This project expanded further to many other applications such as store signage, digital applications for social networks and collection posters.

When it comes to branding your company, or rebranding it, the key is consistency. What we like to offer is expanding the project in terms of thinking where will your brand be in 5 years. By answering that question, we can then imagine all the applications you might need and work on them while you work on your dream. This, in the long run, defines your brand – giving it heart and mind at the same time.

concept design: –L,A. design studio
graphic design: Dario Dević
official photographs: Mateja Vrčković
archive photographs: tradate Zagreb

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