What it means to acknowledge design in all aspects of your life?

Loving and appreciating design is understanding the actual meaning and purpose of design. This editorial was created by combining the wonderful interior products from &tradition and clothes designed by tradate, to show how great design is applied in your home and your outfit.

&tradition is a Danish design company that started in 2010 and is know for combining tradition with innovation.

Tradate is a well-known fashion label in Zagreb that we all go to for classic pieces with a modern twist; and combining these two companies for an editorial was a logical thing to do.

Putting your home together, just like picking out an outfit, is a skill that we master through time – but knowing how to recognise pieces that work well together is half the process. Interior design is how you create your living space; to feel like yourself – to be comfortable in it.

The same rules are applied to picking out clothes; to be yourself, to find your voice and your own style. Tradate autumn collection is very feminine and authentic, making its centre point around animal print combined with key pieces such as the pencil skirt. The materials and colours are following the autumn scheme which can be easily combined.

We wanted to show both – because not only do they work well together, they also complement each other in such a way that it seems like they are co-existent.

But that is true when you know your style and you know how to apply it through the aspects of your life; fashion, interior, music, etc.

For more information on how to get these pieces, contact Tradate here and for &tradition contact Fabrika d.o.o.

Interior design by: Fabrika d.o.o
Furniture: &tradition
Clothes and styling by: Tradate Zagreb
Photos by: Mateja Vrčković

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