Zodiac collection


The Zodiac collection is the newest edition to my wall art graphics. After Constellation being one of your favourite gifts to order, I wanted to add another option for all of you who like the stars and want to have them as part of their home decor.

Air signs

The signs are colour-coded into 4 groups according to: air, earth, fire and water signs. Air is light green, earth is warm yellow, fire is burgundy and water is light blue.

Earth signs

You can choose the background to be light rose or light beige, to match your interior the best it can. The size is 50 x 70cm and to those who have enough room to have an even wider poster size present on their walls – I would recommend you hang it with a white passe-partout around it before putting in its final frame. If not, simply frame it in a minimalist and light frame directly. Both versions will look wonderful, it just depends on how much room you have for them.

Fire signs

If you are able to place more than one zodiac poster next to each other, make sure to match their frames – as this will connect them into a collection on your wall.

Water signs

You can order them all here, the shipping is free for all order in Croatia!

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